My dream since I was little was a cute little friend who will always love and play with me.
So like many other families a dog in our home was less relevant and possible.
As you would think I would take my dog dolls, name them, dress them in my little brother’s clothes and insist that they drink and eat.
After all these years, I decided that now was the right time, and it was better to be late than never and I brought a cute little girlfriend.


Meet Ginger my baby and my best friend!
I wanted to share with you some things that the dog people will understand:

Amounts of love:
A dog is the most lover creature there is, it’s impossible to describe the feeling that you entered your home no matter how long you were outside no matter where you were and with whom you spoke outside the house and the dog, your baby, raging with joy and licks you and wants to tell you “howoo I missed you so let’s go and be pampered together”.

As a small puppy Ginger was not allowed to go out until just a week ago – which means needs at home!
Pad is the bestfriend of the human being in our situation.
With the help of snacks (cucumber and carrots), we taught her to do her needs only in the pad in the same corner.
She immediately realized that every time she did it she would get treats and if she did in the middle of the house she would have to be in the puppet cage so that we would clean and wash the house and bring Lavius to everyone.

It is very important to have toys scattered around the house (even good and strong DIY toys) so that the house will remain in its condition and will not crumble into pieces especially if you have a puppy.
The more toys that jump and rustle the better.
You’ll see that the toys will occupy them more than the sofa and the shoes of the occupants of the house.

So neither you nor the dog will feel frustrated.
Choose a small bed suitable for the dog and the place and put him in bed before bedtime where he could see one of the occupants of the house and feel safe and not cry all night and demand attention.
Teach him your bedtime (of course with consideration) and you’ll see that he’s already sleeping alone.

What a pleasure to see them grow!
I brought Ginger at the age of two months the size of a peanut no fur and the cutest face in the world!
Now Ginger is six months old not to mention the fur drop that began and still the most cute face in the world!

Don’t forget to send me pictures of your cutie dog

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