How to pick the perfect lipstick

5 steps to find the perfect lipstick

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The difference is always big and confusing between the color we would like to fit us with lipstick and the color that suits and compliments us. Models and photos in social media usually have edits that make us think that one color or a certain shade will be beautiful and flattering to a skin color similar to ours, but in our world everyone has A slightly different skin tone, a different lip structure and many other small details that seem negligible, but affect the look of the lipstick on our face.

So how do you find the lipstick that compliments you?

The first step will be to determine your skin tone and your undertone:


Each one has a different skin tone:

Fair – You usually burn easily.

Light – You have more yellow or beige undertones than fair skin.

Medium – Your skin is olive-colored.

Dark – You have dark skin or a deep complexion.


If you sunbathe and get a beautiful bronze color you probably warm-toned, but if you sunbathe and your skin burns and turns red your undertones are cool.

The second step is to distinguish what is the shape and size of your lips:

– Your lower lip is bigger than the upper lip?

   Lighten the lower lip slightly from the upper lip.

– Your upper lip is bigger than the lower lip?

   Lighten the upper lip slightly from the lower lip.

– Your lips are symmetrical?

  Apply the same shade in both of your lips.

– You have thin lips?

   Avoid dark colors.

– You have a plump lips?

   Avoid colors that are too bright and glossy.

The next step will be your hair color:

Dark hair and Fair- Light skin?

Bright pinks, scarlet and cherry plum will be great for you!

Blonde hair and Fair- Light skin?

Dusty pink, bright pinks, pink-purple, scarlet will be great for you!

Dark hair and Dark skin?

Gold beige, terracotta, bronzer will be great for you!

Blonde hair and Dark skin?

Caramel, warm pink will be great for you!

Brown hair and Medium skin?

Beige, corals, dusty pink will be great for you!

Redhead hair and Fair-Light skin?

Corals, terracotta, yellowish brown will be great for you!

Your eyes color:


Bright reds, browns, bright pinks will flatters you!


Blush, cherry blossom will flatters you!


Terracotta, pinks will flatters you!


Nudes, tans will flatters you!

Your teeth color: 


Any color will fit you!


Light red, slightly orange, rose.

Avoid: purples, browns, bright blush, and reds.

There you go! Now you can match your lipstick in the best way!

Don’t forget to shoot and send me your match!              waiting to see the look of each of you and the overall look you have created!